Below are a few short original articles covering career management and job search topics.

The Most Powerful Of All Job Hunting Tools
You're at a social engagement, and someone learns you're in a job search. They ask, "What are you looking for?" Do you know how to reply in a way that both informs your contact of your objectives and motivates him or her to help you? Could you say it in under two minutes?

To take full advantage of networking conversations, you have to be able to express who you are and where you're going - and do it positively and quickly. If you can't, you're just one more face in the looking-for-work crowd. Click here for complete article

Job Interviews: Be Truthful. But Be Smart!
Suzie was upset after her third job interview with a bank. The interviewer had frowned after Suzie had flippantly criticized her current boss. Then, to make things worse, she'd spoken carelessly about a mistake she'd made on an important project.

Job interviews often turn into disasters when candidates forget to treat them as marketing opportunities. Click here for complete article

Test Your Internet Job-Search Savvy
There's no question that the Internet has changed the the way that people look for work. Unfortunately, many job-searchers spend most of their time and energy using Web-based tools, at the expense of more effective and targeted activities.
Take this quiz and see how you're doing. Click here for complete article


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